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Take Action at Your Fair!

Help stop the sale and display of Confederate flags at your fair this summer! If you are visiting your county fair and encounter vendors selling Confederate flag merchandise (or other racist merch) please take these steps:

1. Take photos of the merchandise, if possible

2. Send the photos – with information on when the photos were taken and which fair. This can be emailed to or submitted here. We will compile the photos we receive and use them in the campaign to end the sale of this merchandise state-wide. 

3. Give the person staffing the vendor tent this invitation to make the fair welcoming for all. If you
choose to, it would be helpful to talk with the staff person (who may or may not be the vendor) and
tell them politely why you want the vendor to stop selling and displaying Confederate flag
merchandise. We've created these PDF "invitations," which can be printed and delivered to any offending vendors.


  • Download single page invite design here

  • Download two-sided folded invite design here.

4. Visit the Fair Office and tell them that you saw Confederate merchandise being sold in that vendor
tent. Ask the person staffing the office to please convey to the Fair’s Board of Directors that you
want them to stop allowing this merchandise to be sold. You might tell them that:


  • The New York State Fair and county fairs around the state have already stopped permitting the
    sale of Confederate flag items.

  • New York State’s Commissioner of Agriculture has urged every NY county fair to take action to end the sale of Confederate flag items.

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