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Delaware Co. Fair Update on Merch

As The Delaware County Fair in Walton,NY winds down for 2019, we're so grateful to everyone in our area who worked to persuade the Fair Board to stop allowing full-sized Confederate flags to spoil the event. Hate merchandise was much less visible this year than in past years, reflecting a community consensus that it has no place at a family-friendly event. We're mystified and appalled, though, that the Fair Board and especially Fair President Ed Rossley -- who have acknowledged how divisive and unwanted these items are by changing their policy -- continue to coddle and protect the two out-of-state vendors whose booths were filled with white supremacist merchandise again this year. According to Rossley, there's a waiting list of 100 people for those vendor spots: Why does he keep giving them to these merchants of hate from outside our community, who profit off of stoking division? Why does he keep inviting a vendor who hurls insults and calls the police when fair patrons politely express concerns about her white nationalist wares? We're proud of the progress that has been made but more committed than ever to freeing our county fair from continuing to serve as a platform for white supremacy -- thank you to everyone who has spoken out and the many more who have quietly but emphatically stayed away.

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