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Your Fair

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We are tracking which fairs are welcoming to all!

Where Does Your Fair Stand? 

This section provides a directory of NY State county fairs, whether they have policies that disallow the sale and display of racist merchandise, and whether they are affiliated with Cornell University through its extension program. We have also provided contact information for each fair, so that you can contact organizers to request they adopt a policy or thank them for doing so!

Actions to Fight Racism

Offers instructions for approaching vendors this fair season including an "Invitation to Fight Racism" which can be handed out to vendors who are profiting from bigoted merchandise. Additionally, we have provided a submission form requesting information documented by you all. This information will be used for future actions.

What Did You See?

A submission form for information collected by you! Photographic evidence and written statements will be shared with NY state and fair officials. Personal information (contact info, full name) will not be shared without permission.



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